work smarter not harder


7 Effective Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

With proper planning, discipline, and techniques, you can work more efficiently on your daily tasks and projects.

Is Social Media a Good Thing or a Bad Thing - amit masih


Is Social Media Helpful? Let’s Find It Out

In today’s dynamic era, social media performs a vital role. One single click can tell you everything from the local weather forecast to global news, from fashion to celebrities, from home remedies to home recipes, from education to career, and from passion to profession. Social media is helpful in every aspect. Followings are some key […]

We May Live in Space Opera Universe without Realizing It


We May Live in Space Opera Universe without Realizing It

Space opera refers to fictional sci-fi adventure storytelling, which roams around planets, aliens, and imaginary life spaces.



How Technology Is Creating Disparity Among People?

How technology is creating disparity among people Although I am not blaming technology, these problems still might exist due to other factors as well, but technology has always played



Why I Quit My Job

I have seen a lot of people with no money, no food, and no shelter, and above all, losing their jobs.



Why Do I Prefer Freelancing over a Full-time Job? Freelance vs Full-time

One of the coolest and most fascinating facts I love about being a freelancer is that you can work on several tasks simultaneously. So, to make it more transparent, let’s say



Certified vs Experienced. Whom Do You Hire?

A certificate can be obtained within a month or so, but the hat of experience cannot be worn within a month or overnight.



How I write

The second thing that I keep in mind while writing is that my peice of work should not be tedious, and the paragraphs should be easy to read.



How Do You Know When It’s Real Love?

However, the only condition you have to abide by is to be a generous person. When they persecute you, give them a nice smile and bless them. You probably won’t agree

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