Are you certified?

Are you truly capable of doing this?

These questions are often asked by our clients in different areas. They judge by a certification. If we have that piece of paper, we are the mastermind; if we don’t, then we are as nothing!

Do you think the same?

Do you also consider a certification first when you are about to hire a candidate?

If you are nodding yes, I want to ask why!! Why do you think like this? Do you have a definite reason for seeking a certified candidate?

Some of you may not have an appropriate answer to this question, and some of you will say that if a person has a certificate in a specific field, he/she will be a great person and handle our projects effectively. But does it make sense? Is it true? Probably not, I believe!

Is Certificate Must?

Yes, there is no doubt, a certificate is the need of the hour. If the person has certified, it shows that the candidate is pretty mature and capable of performing the task successfully. A certificate is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

It apprises that you have invested your time and made efforts to get a certificate. You do not need to tell your employer how skilled you are; the certificate itself reveals all the pages.

What is a certification- this means that you have accomplished the challenge within the time limit. In other words, when you crack a certain program or course within a fixed time frame, you are awarded a certificate by the authority.

Does the Certificate Play an Important Role than Years of Experience?

This question is quite tricky, I guess, and you need to use your six senses to get the difference clearly. It seems like both are different things. You cannot blend or ignore the years of experience with a certificate.


A certificate can be obtained within a month or so, but the hat of experience cannot be worn within a month or overnight. It takes a reasonable amount of time and effort. You fail, you make mistakes over mistakes, then you become the master in a particular field. But when it comes to certification, for example, it can be fake in some senses.

Whom Do You Hire?

Let’s say, if you want to get a certificate in content writing, many courses offer one-month, six-month, or one-year training in which you can enroll. Suppose you took a year of training to become a quality writer and a year later became certified. Now you have only a certificate and one year of experience in the market.

On the other hand, a person has ten years of experience in the writing age. He writes so well and effectively and has enough work on his plate. He is a well-known writer and offers his services globally. But he has no certificate in the content writing field.

Let’s take another example, a guy who has only one year of experience and has a certificate in a particular technology. He has no real-world experience to communicate with clients and does not know the right way to act, but has certification!

On the opposite side, a person has more than ten years of experience in the same technology, but the problem is that he has no certificate. He knows how to handle and perform tasks. He has done many projects in the past. He has a portfolio and genuine clients who are praising him.

Here’s a key, the person who has certification may not have extensive knowledge of their field or real-world experience. Conversely, a person does not have certification from a large organization but has years of experience in their field.

Now the question on the table is; whom would you like to hire for your projects? You’ll probably hire a veteran, right?

How to Choose the Right Candidate?

Well, I am not an HR or something like that; however, I’d like to say, do not underestimate someone who is not certified by a designated firm. Just because they do not have a certificate does not mean that they cannot execute your work. They have the ability to work on your task. They have been showcasing their skills for years. They know how to accomplish the task and provide you with obvious results.

If you go after a person just because they have certification, it means that you need a time in which you can differentiate. You can go through the candidate’s profile and look at their reviews & ratings, portfolio, real clients, and total projects they have done in recent times.

Final Say

On this note, appoint a person who has years of experience. Because he knows to provide you with successful results. In some senses, if a person has a proven record under his belt, as well as certification, you can hire the candidate, for sure.

Kindly do let me know what do you think on this topic? Does the certificate matter more than experience? I would love to read your opinions and thoughts.

Originally published here.