I know you are impatient to know -How I Write.

Let’s roll the dice!

I write I edit, I write…then I write again.

Quite confusing? Yes, it is.

1. I Write Simple

I write pretty clearly. My main goal is to make people understand what I write. In fact, an 8th-grade child can get my point.

The second thing that I keep in mind while writing is that my peice of work should not be tedious, and the paragraphs should be easy to read.

A long paragraph is not user-friendly.

2. I Use Easy Vocabulary

This is where most writers make mistakes. They write to impress people, not readers.

The secret to making your audience fall in love with you is to write easy words as much as possible. I know it sounds strange, but it’s true.

I choose the most specific words to explain my ideas and information on a subject.

What’s the benefit of writing if they don’t understand my point?

So I keep it simple and try to pick the familiar vocabulary.

3. I Solve Reader’s Query

I dig deep down when it comes to research a topic. First, I always bring up a point that people usually look for. Then, I write what they want to read.

So I get into my reader’s mind and try to figure out their pain point.

If you answer their questions, you will definitely be loved.

4. I Connect with Readers

When you write something that people agree with, it is like living in the public eye.

For example, if I come up with a “How to Write Effectively” article, they would surely get into this. Many aspiring writers want to know how to write clearly and effectively to generate more traffic or reach the target audience.

So this is the area where you can connect with your audience. I write in conversational language, so they don’t get tired of it.

Closing Words

I do not try to impress my readers with a far-reaching style of writing. Still, I write to fix their problems in simple language.

If your readers don’t understand what you want to say, you must first learn to write.

…and that’s all in this article. So let me know your thoughts and make it engaging!